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(1). This year 2020 is the year you shall be wanting nothing (James 1:4).

(2). This year look at the Bible more than you look at your phone. God says, try and own a Bible. He says I will honor those who own Bibles.

(3). Several hardworking households that have been delayed and they have been expectant, shall experience an increase in 2020.

(4). By 2020 a lot of people will enter into maturity. And the Lord says, do three things: seek integrity, seek education and seek a vision.

(5). In 2020 those who will emphasize winning of souls, which is the heartbeat of God, they will also have the desires of their hearts.

(6). 2020 shall be a year of a second chance. Many who have lost opportunities shall have the privileges this year to have multiple chances again.

(7). 2020 shall be called a balancer . “2” means God will double your blessings and “0” means God will settle your issues of life. He will set you back on default. Those of you that have phones you know what I am talking about.

(8). 2020 is a year of strange compensations and reconciliations and collaborations of old-time political enemies.

(9). The Lord says Alhaji Abubakar Atiku is going to reconcile with his enemies to position himself in politics. Get ready for shocker reconciliations. Those of you that use to die for politicians, you will notice that the person you were dying for has made peace with his enemies. Then you will know that politics is a game. And that at the high level they don’t take it the way you do.

(10). Akwa Ibom politics will be getting more interesting. Even though with the diverse and divided interest of the Body of Christ, because of politics, the Lord says, I will still favour the church, “for half bread is better than none”.

(11). There will be a release of major but controversial policing policies.

(12). I hear them shout, “What is happening?” People who have been travelling by air are stranded for a full day in Nigeria. The departure hall is empty even though people wanted to travel. Interruption of air travel in Nigeria for a full day.

(13). A long chase is over. A notorious, most wanted criminal and terrorist has been finally caught. God has given us victory. It is discovered he had foreign support and sponsorship, but he has now surrendered.

(14). In 2020, there shall be welcoming and overwhelming government policies on Nigerian Wharfs and seaports. And sea travels and marine business will boom again.

(15). Many who have been faithful to God in their tithes and offerings and seeds will begin to enjoy the miracle of the blessings of new cars. We are going to see people who have new cars.

(16). The rod of kidnapping in Calabar is broken and ceased and broken into pieces by the prayers of the saints.

(17). Maintain a high level of public hygiene this year so as to escape a new but dangerous flu, which is causing constant sneezing and redness of the face. It is affecting Nigeria and parts of West Africa. You are covered with the Blood of Jesus.

(18). Several vengeance and retaliatory attacks on the Fulani herdsmen. So, there is going to be a change of the table. We need to pray for our brothers, the Fulani herdsmen so that they don’t get killed all over the places in Nigeria. And the Federal Government is trying to curtail this terrible situation. Now people are taking laws into their hands and the movement of cows across roads is heavily restricted to protect lives.

(19). Positive renovations and revolutionary changes in the Nigerian Navy. There is a boost of equipment; international aid/support and awards to motivate the men and officers of the Nigeria Navy.

(20). Pray for Israel. Israel will come under serious fire of controversy from her known enemies, but God shall make the storm brief and not let His people suffer.

(21). Because of border closure, criminals and smugglers have devised other means of beating the law through the waterways. This will provoke national alertness and new laws on the seaways.

(22). On anti-corruption, a big discovery of years of leakages linked to the banking sector by the CBN that would have changed the lives of Nigerians over the years have been uncovered and plunged back into the economy properly.

(23). Nigerians should stop being hard and selfish. The nation would have changed by now for better if people were looking over their shoulders to care for the weak and the young and the elderly.

(24). Major enemies of the church causing people to be discouraged and discontented in worshipping God will receive divine vengeance and shall be heavily confronted by the power of God.

(25). Pray for Marina Resort in Calabar against any untoward incidence.

(26). 2020 shall be a year your dream shall come to pass. The Lord says use prayer and hard work and your dreams shall come to pass.

(27). Pray and silent the noise of bomb blasts in some prime locations in Abuja. The security situation there needs divine intervention and not military skills. Says the Lord, “I will save and protect my people, I will deliver them from bloodshed and shame.”

(28). Representatives or the elders of Afaha Obong* should seek the face of God against any evil.

(29). Watch and be careful of what you are doing with your friends this year especially business proposals because in 2020 a lot of betrayals will take place in the business arena. And because of that, the love of many will wax cold. They will be discouraged because of losses they have made to people they had trusted without question. So, those of you that hear about investment and run. Please, you can keep your money with your wife instead of running to invest where you don’t know.

(30). I am seeing tear gas and tear gas everywhere. Mind your steps this year. There shall be many protests and civil disobedience, very imminent and many will be caught in the crossfire, but God says, “I will be with you and order your steps.”

(31). These are good businesses for 2020: The Lord says, invest in gold this year. Gold shall have a high yield and profitable returns. The Lord says Event Management for the young ones will be a goldmine. Event Management will give you money that salary cannot pay you and your family. Also, food supplies. Food vendors and food corridors, e.g. restaurant, etc. Food vendors and food corridors will roll out money this year. The Lord also says, Paper works and production. Those of you that want to produce paper works: calendars, books, and files, you can make money. The Lord says I have given you the wisdom to make wealth.

(32). A controversial debate on certain changes and additions to our country’s national anthem.

(33). Attacks on basic food products, e.g. Maggi cube. There is going to be a lot of attacks on basic food products over their health hazards, some of the food you are eating there is going to be a lot of researches that will unveil them and you may not even need to taste them again.

(34). Pray for October 5, 2020.

(35). Pray for 13th January 2020 that the Lord will save us and protect us

(36). Discovery of a major channel and agent where arms have been stacked and stockpiled for criminal activities in Nigeria. It will be discovered and the criminals will be arrested.

(37). Be careful what you post on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. There is going to be a new wave of crime; there is going to be crime syndicate that will be monitoring people’s social media using the very personal information you post to track you and do harm to you. So, please be careful. If you don’t know what to post on social media, just post “Jesus is Lord”.

(38). February is going to be one of the hardest months of 2020, but the Lord says, “Don’t be afraid, for those who seek me and serve me, I shall give them plenty and they shall be wanting nothing.”

(39). Another calculated attempt to legalize homosexuality especially man vs man; but I see African Leaders resisting it and rejecting it, even though it is causing international problems.

(40). The distinguished senator of Cross River State Central should be carefully calculating his political decisions, so as not to resurrect known enemies and bubble traps that have been laid for him. He needs prayer.

(41). Pray against the continuous border and communal clashes across our towns and villages, impeding pedestrian and vehicular movement. We need this town and border clashes to stop in Jesus mighty name.

(42). Journalists are trying to interview and investigate a rumour, that a serving governor has passed on.

(43). A return ( even though through the storms of life and political career) of former senator and Senate president Ayim Pius. The Lord says I am going to lift up his CV and launch him to the limelight.

(44). By April 2020, there shall be a surprising transformation in Cross River State, this is thus saith the Lord. He said, “Let my people seek my face and I will show them I am the leader of the state.”

(45). Rotimi Amaechi, this year he shall have an uphill task, but he will try and convince his enemies and friends.

(46). Pray also for Chief Gabriel Egbenedion.

(47). This year the best war shall be fought but God will win in a matter of days.

(48). There will be a vehement mass effort to oppose people that are against the truth. That means all these people that have been lying on the internet, people are going to turn en mass and fight them now.

(49). Pray for the nation of Croatia. Many good things shall come out of Croatia, pray they don’t miss it.

(50). Pray for Togo so that a certain event does not trigger their fall into chaos. Togo shall not fall into chaos in Jesus name.

(51). Some groups/movements are trying to fight against bride price, they a raising issues that bride price is archaic and should not be paid again on our women.

(52). Continuous DSS shaking. There is going to be a DSS (Department of state security service) shaking because of the embarrassment of continuously arresting innocent Nigerians, confining them, bailing them and re-arresting some of them. They are even arresting clergymen. I see the DSS arresting some top Clergymen, as never before, just because of public statements those clergymen made.

(53). There will be global wars and rumors of wars even according to what the Bible says. Millions of soldiers are marching in battle across China and Russia and South Korea. But the Lord says, this is the sign of the end time. Those who know me should live a holy life.

(54). In 2020, the Lord shall prepare a table before your family and there will be abundance on that table says the Spirit of God. Of course, the prophecy is that you will be wanting nothing.

(55). A certain criminal mafia group in the country, that has been threatening lives and properties through the underworld operations will be defeated in 2020. That is like the second time the Lord is showing me that.

(56). Pray for the Body of Christ, so that the Lord will unite his church against crisis especially the Assemblies of God Church. The crisis in Assemblies of God Church is going to reach a crescendo. I see a tree of violence burst the Assemblies of God and pierced through the roof figuratively.

(57). In 2020 stay away from public fights, because there is going to be serious clamped down or breach of public peace and many may be entrapped.

(58). Canada will experience a sharp weather condition that will bring back again the discussion and provoke again the new discussion on climate change.

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