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(1) 2019 is a year that God will provoke them to send and fetch you.
Hidden talents, delayed promises, expected miracles, long awaited blessings shall come to you this year.

(2) This is thus says the Lord, “Divine favour as in Exodus 2:19 will become your portion this year.”

(3) Nigeria shall be saved if the people in Nigeria always lift the nation up. Lift up the name of Nigeria. The Lord says, lift up the flag of Nigeria. Always pray for the flag of Nigeria. The Lord says, there is some problem in the flag. The Green, White, Green, there is a spiritual history, and as we continually pray, yokes in the nation, which is on the flag, shall be broken.

(4) A new group will arise this year, just like last year, a group arose and taught against tithe and offering. This year, a new group shall arise, teaching that there is no heaven. And that heaven is not real. Many will be deceived, but you should be watchful.

(5) Another notorious kidnappers’ den shall be unraveled, raided and exposed.

(6) The wife of one of the governorship candidates in the coming gubernatorial election shall be in danger. We pray God to save her. Somebody is planning to attack the wife of a governorship candidate.

(7) Apart from football, Nigeria will diversify in sports activities and will brand its sports to other sports, and that shall bring them national honours apart from football.

(8) There shall be further pressing for Sharia law and Islamic control, especially in some states in Nigeria. It will become a form of distraction, but the fire will be quenched by prayers.

(9) Pray for a certain state party chairman. Many states party chairmen will be under heavy physical attack in 2019 especially prior to elections.

(10) Women be mindful and careful of immoral and revealing dresses. God showed me clearly that there are demons that follow a woman who does not properly cover herself. Just like men are attracted to that woman, there are also demons that are attracted to her. Please be conscious that you are not too conscious of attracting men, less you will attract demons by your dressing.

(11) Cross Riverians should pray and fast that the state be not thrown into mourning in this brand new year instead of celebration.

(12) Much prayer also is needed for people of Anambra State. It shall boil like hot oil, but Jesus shall quench it like ice water.

(13) A certain plague and sickness to be released into the air across the West Africa and the East African coast, especially Nigeria is being warned by United Nations. The symptoms are like cough, but is more dangerous than ebola.

(14) Bauchi state also need divine intervention through prayer. We pray that the prayer of the saints will quench this troublesome issue in Bauchi State.

(15) A further issue of islamization, a Father of Faith and his mega ministry shall be accused by fellow Nigerians of facilitating and helping islamization, he is vindicated through his board of trustee.

(16) Pray for 11th of January, 2019.

(17) Pray for Cross River State especially Akpabuyo. Akpabuyo shall be remembered in the scheme of things, heaven is about to shine on Akpabuyo.

(18) Still in Cross River, a first class traditional ruler just like we find it in national issues, shall be given national recognition.
There shall be a lots of awards of course in the state.

(19) For Akwa Ibom, pray and cover Itu with the Blood of Jesus. The Lord says, when Itu is covered by the Blood of Jesus, it shall not be covered by the Blood of men.

(20) 2019 election shall be full of surprises, it shall be like the coat of many colours.

(21) In 2019 you need to buy an umbrella. Sell your shoes and buy umbrella says the Lord.

(22) In a good note, 2019 shall continue to be the year of awards and goodwill despite what Nigeria is facing.

(23) This nation will come on international limelight in the midst of a high profile case, a corruption case, it suffers setback. The federal government will lose the case, because of a technical legal lacuna. On the last minute, a case the federal government has been pursuing on corruption for long time will collapse like a pack of wood under a little coma .

(24) Governor Ayade will be given a hot challenge. Never has he fought such battle in his life, but this will raise up and wake up the lion in him.

(25) Nigerian politicians who are desperate for power, in 2019, they will resort to blackmail. There will be too many issues of immoral and moral, videos and pictures, that they will be distracted from the usual campaign of issues. Just like in America, many women will be paid to talk about this so that he can fail, but those cases, Nigerians will say, “bring out your issues.”

(26) Some people plan to embarrass God and men of God. 2019 is a year they will be judged by God. The Body of Christ on that note must continue to teach sound doctrines and delete the errors, which the enemies have perpetuated and installed. Ecclesiastes 10:5 says, “it is an error under the sun.” The Body of Christ must delete it and wipe out this error in teachings.

(27) Pray that this day does not come, where there shall be serious security challenge in a part of this nation and curfew is declared. People are rushing and buying things in bulk to store, because the roads and the markets are closed. What a black day!

(28) There is continuous engagement of minors in voting. Several voter cards are voided because of underage voting. Massive fraud in the election condemned by the international communities.

(29) The Lord, in the midst of these, because of prayer is sending to Nigeria a Moses. The Lord said to me, “I will send you a Moses, he will not be by his power, he will be a selfless leader, that will lead my people out of bondage. He will open the gates of wealth. He will lift up the rod of authority. So shall it be.

(30) There shall be a harvest of marriages in 2019. People getting married; proposals, engagements, weddings everywhere. And even those who have been married before, their marriages shall become fruitful in 2019. The Lord says, even the girls that live in your houses, shall be given out in marriage.

(31) A prominent man of God in Nigeria, one of his name called “Paul” shall true to his name replicate the persecution of the Biblical Paul, but even though the matter is politically motivated, he will only shake for sometimes but will be cut short, because of divine intervention.

(32) I remembered on the 17th of December last year, I was praying, the Lord revealed to me and said, there must be a concerted deliberate intercession for the people of Urhobo kingdom and tribe against such intense shaking and internal crisis that may devastate that tribe and kingdom.

(33) Due to internal security crisis in some parts of the country, citizens are complaining of several road blocks in several areas; freedoms are restricted, but the church need to rise up and pray that this issue will go forever.

(34) 2019 should be a year of prayer and release of your faith to claim the promises of God, which He has given us today. And the Lord says, in 2019, because of your faith, your seeds and your faithfulness, and your bombarding heaven, every prayer you pray this year, I shall give you more than you asked.

(35) There is finally a national policy and guideline on workers’ remuneration. The thing has become a document. Salaries are now instituted, and remunerations are now gazetted to put some controversies to rest between government and labour.

(36) Commando case is against some several nollywood celebrities and people in the music industry, attracting negative praise. Some of these guys need to give their lives to Jesus.

(37) To the glory of God in Africa, especially in Nigeria, the blacks are beginning to have a breakthrough and discoveries of common plants we knew in our villages, becoming popular in curing popular diseases. Just like God showed Moses the leaves by the water of mara. There is going to be a pharmaceutical and scientific discoveries for healing. After all, Jesus is the ultimate healer.

(38) There are some families here that have been battling with sicknesses, the Lord says, decrease food in your house and increase fruits in your house, especially water melon and banana. You will suddenly see your health burst like a bright star.

(39) Pray for 2 face Idibia, the year shall be magnificent for him in engagements, yet it shall be full of temptation, storms and disagreements.

(40) A particular state in the west, especially Ogun State has drawn the battle line. And the Lord asked me a question, saying, “when the battle is drawn between Satan and the Devil, what shall the demons do?” I have never heard such questions.

(41) In 2019, I heard the Lord say, let men and women live in integrity, it shall be their collateral for trust, confidence and this brings wealth. I have never heard it this way. The Lord says, performance integrity. What they give you to do, do it well and perfectly deliver, the Lord says, it shall increase your prosperity.

(42) The issue of Jubril in Aso Rock shall come to an end in 2019. This issue is finally nailed by a hired Sudanese journalist. Detail to detail, no mistake.

(43) Pray for everybody doing NYSC that in this season of elections, their morning shall not turn to evening.

(44) Israel shall come on the spotlight concerning suspected arms deal in Nigeria, especially amongst the cessationists, but the government of Israel denies openly.

(45) A major national monument shall be renamed to somebody very deserving.

(46) Swindlers (the yahoo boys) will be on the Sproul. The cases will be so rampant. What you need to do is to be careful of hasty business dealings and deceitful investments and relationships. Be very careful, for not all that glitter is gold. Women, take note.

(47) Many political campaign trains will come under heavy opposition and attacks. I advise those who join politics to play this game not as war, but as a game of changing lives.

(48) A major building attack imminent in 2019. This threat can end by prayer.

(49) Major attacks on major Christian leaders, but the Lord says, “Touch not mine anointed, do my prophets no harm.”

(50)The hammer of anti-corruption continues to fall, but mysteriously, it will begin to fall on members of the ruling party just to prove a point.

(51) People you see around government house will be used as sacrificial lambs, but it will be a political strategy.

(52) Pray for former president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, he will need attention and prayers in 2019.

(53) Pray also for the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Architect Obong Victor Attah, who has just celebrated his beautiful birthday. He will need also prayers and attention.

(54) I saw the broom again, but now the broom has five bundles facing five different directions.

(55) I see something falling like flaxe from heaven. I know Nigeria does not have snow, but there is no geographical explanation.

(56) Pray for Mobil Nigeria Unlimited, they are going to make a major contract deal, but that deal will be questioned and canceled. It will affect the Niger Delta.

(57) A high civil public servant is handcuffed openly, it is causing major rancor and comments all over the nation. You shall be saved.

(58) The federal government is going to launch a massive campaign against small arms in other to stem out cases of insecurity in this country.

(59) Pray against the enemy’s plot to cause a major plane crash. Let it be averted miraculously in Jesus mighty name.

(60) The people of the Igbo race, they need to take the case of 2023 spiritually, else there is a grand plan to scheme them out even in 2023. And that plan starts from this January.

(61) Taraba State shall be free in the name of Jesus Christ, and their executive arm of government shall receive divine intervention.

(62) A disturbing case of an eleven-year boy is pointing increased attention to teenage abuse and child right act and welfare.

(63) A public outcry against female circumcision and genital mutilation is being given a legal backing even by national and international law.

(64) Enugu shall have great influence. And we pray that nothing that is formed in Enugu now shall divide this nation.

(65 ) On the month of August, mark also the 11th of August in particular, there is likely to be an event that will turn around the national polity.

(66) The Lord says, plant corn. Those of you that like farming, plant corn that you will harvest double, says the Lord. The Lord says, grow crop at your least unused land, even at your backyards, by the sides of your houses, plant vegetables, because very soon, it will help you.

(67) Biafra, 2019 shall be spent handling the case of Biafra. Suddenly there is a change of argument against by Biafra, even by Igbo leaders.

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