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1. The Year 2018 shall be the year of the brightness of thy rising, As Simeon said in Luke 2:34, Daniel 12:3.

2. Many whose stars were covered shall be uncovered this year in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. A new beginning, correction and improvement of the past. that is what God expects you to have this year. It is a year of a second chance.

4. 2018 carries brand new packages, opened with beautiful wrappings, some of you will receive new gifts, both spiritual and physical gifts in the name of Jesus.

5. There will be massive shaking across States houses of Assembly especially Cross River State House Of Assembly and Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, I hope something will still remain for 2019. A strong wind will blow in many state houses of assembly, especially those two.

6. First Ladies who fear God will attract favor to their spouses but those who are carried away by power will watch their spouses sink. The Lord says the Office of the First Ladies are offices of intersession not the office of politics

7. 2018 shall be a favorable year for the aged women, as they will enjoy priorities and amenities.

8. 2018 also will attract stringent forestry and environmental laws to the point that people will find it difficult to cut sticks from the forest.

9. In 2018, like Elijah’s servant, some parts of Africa will be looking for rain in the sky.

10. One of the fathers of faith in Cross River State, we have to pray for him to survive 2018.

11. Those who like attending night clubs especially in . Lagos should be careful and watchful in 2018.

12. 2018 will be a kind of year that those who are kind to others will receive kindness.

13. In 2018 those in Government should pray and seek the face of God because he will bring judgment upon leadership of some state governments. Isaiah 55:6.

14. In 2018 mind the way you sit, just like the prophecy of washing of hands, the slogan will be ” mind where you sit”.

15. Super Eagles will shine but in the midst of that we have to pray against early upset in their world cup endeavors.

16. General attention on Primary Health Care and of course sanitization of the tertiary health care on hospitals.

17. 2018 shall be a great year of technological innovations in auto mobile industries especially Kia will make a big leap, where multi nationals will gain through governmental policies.

18. 2018 will be a year of continuous purging of the health sector. A lot of doctors and health workers will be dismissed and sacked.

19. In 2018, some banks will be looking for a way they can be bought out or closed up.

20. We have to pray for the former Prime minister of United Kingdom David Cameron, he is taking the goings on of Brexit to launch a campaign.

21. Witchcraft scare in parts of some local communities in Nigeria is claiming, counterclaims and confusions, because people are taking the laws into their hands and they are calling on the Federal Government to end jungle justice.

22. Pray against political clash between the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Osinbajo. He will have tough year with his own kings-men. He will have strong opposition but funny enough, ironically he will have more support from the north.

23. 2018 will be a year where book reading culture will be encouraged and emphasized.

24. Prominent nollywood actor is going to go through murky waters of scandals and attacks and he well be defended by his own people or colleagues.

25. There is going to be a world wide call on Islam as a religion to look for ways of ending terrorism.

26. Another mini uprising in the part of the country, just like the IPOB, people are shocked, because this time around the Nigerian military only gave a warning and people are worried, saying, “why did you do that to IPOB and in this one you only gave the first warning.

27. There’s going to be a renown government programme in the Buahari administration to fight hunger, this will be launch in 2018, but people are questioning the honesty behind the programme and the workability of the programme.

28. According to the prophecies of 2018, which is the brightness of thy rising; one of the families here is going to have a big top federal appointment with the federal government.

29. There will be a mega young women protest that will attract international attention and gathering momentum in order to stem corrupt cash stashed away. I think it is to stop corruption. In order to recoup the naira that was starched away, there is going to be an attempt to reshuffle the naira. This is another wisdom from the federal government to make people that has stacked to loose it.

30. Comprehensive and Innovative policies on telecommunication, It will really benefit the public.

31. In 2018 there shall be expansion of the solar technology to buffet the electricity power shortages.

32. PDP is still refusing to give out the seat of OBJ. They are still keeping it for him, though the General is still stubborn, but at the end he will be tempted to accept the offer.

33. A particular Deputy Governor shall be greatly victimized and implicated politically this year, even though he is innocent and has been faithful to his boss. There will be a fall of a particular Deputy Governor politically.

34. Not without battles and controversies, Governor Udom Emmanuel will be lucky enough to have very major opponents of his government coming out to endorse him. And that shall be a plus to his government.

35. Rains especially in the south is coming sparsely, but falling heavily with winds. The meteorological centers are issuing flash flood warnings.

36. Pray for Governor Dickson Seriake of Bayelsa State, it will be politically turbulent year for him. In trying to do his political permutations for his after 2nd tenure plan, he step on some toes in trying to arrange some things in Bayelsa it will backfire and people will forget his kindness.

37. Pray for Republic of Gambia to continue to enjoy peace.

38. Also pray for Jamaica for God to give them international attention. Something is going to happen in Jamaica that will draw international attention.

39. Pray for Russia. Russia is in the midst of controversy because of their strong support against Jerusalem, and their support is not going well for people.

40. The year 2018 Nigerian workers shall be given a clean but narrow or slim slate. Something to negotiate, but not what they were looking for. Nigerian workers I think that will be some good news for you.

41. Christians should be encouraged to own their paper Bibles (hard copy of the Bible) in 2018. I know that some of you have ipads and computer Bibles, but God says I should tell the Christians to go back and buy the hard copy of the Bibles. The Lord showed me in the revelation that that is what the devil is afraid of. Joshua 1:8 says, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth…”

42. 2018 shall be a year of great healing and blessings and the oil of God will take away infirmities, especially for tithe payers; they shall celebrate soundness of health in the year 2018.

43. Avoid those who make mockery of the Church of God, the Body of Christ and the men of God. In 2018 people are going to make mockery of men of God to try to desecrate the church, speak against doctrines. If you are a believer, any statement they speak against any of your doctrines, it may not be your church, but it is a statement in future that is against you as a believer. It is a programme of Satan to finally bring down the Pillars of Faith so that members of the Body will have nothing to have confidence in.

44. Those who can raise turkey this year will make a lot of money. It is going to be a good business this year.

45. There is somebody here your father had once built a cathedral for God in your home town. God says, “This is the year they are going to compensate your family”

46. An incident in neighboring African country will cause Nigeria to send their military troop for peace keeping.

47. Nigerians should stop saying, “Things are bad”. The Lord says, “This is the cause of the fall of the economy of Nigeria.” Evil speaking and negative talks, God says, Nigerians should change their confession. We should celebrate God. We may not like the government or the president, but we should learn to speak as believers. The Lord gave me Ezekiel 37:11 “Then he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts.”

48. God is going to make supernatural provisions for the needy families, who serve God and fear God this year. He did for the widow in 1 Kings 17

49. APC as a ruling party shall go through a major realignment in order to be able to face a very herculean task ahead of them or else the party will be at the brink of exactly what PDP themselves faced. And if they don’t pray they may likely face what PDP is facing this year. But if they pray, God is going to have mercy on them as a party.

50. A super pack is going to come the way of professionals this year. God says, “Raise up your companies, register your companies, check your tax-income, you are going to have a major breakthrough this year 2018.

51. 2018 The Lord says, “There is going to be more relevance than 2019 politically, because all what that shall happen in 2019 will all happen in 2018.” So 2019 is just like a final exams, while 2018 is the main game. And we should be in prayers that God will raise leaders that will serve the people, and not leaders that will punish the people.

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